The Drag Series is a project founded in May/2016 that strives to register and magnify queer culture, focusing on the art of drag. In all portraits, the component artists pose with a white background behind them - a frame to be filled to their liking and creativity.

The series were launched in the city of Recife, heart of Brazil's northeast, displaying mostly local artists. It has now relocated to Vancouver, Canada and been ongoing for 3 years. Over 300 queens from 45+ cities and 4 countries were photographed by the lenses of the project. New portraits of different artists are published every Thursday on social media (@thedragseries)!




Fernando Cysneiros is the director behind The Drag Series. Graduated in Communications, Fernando focuses his career in fashion photography and digital marketing. He travelled through cities like São Paulo, Paris and Vancouver photographing their fashion weeks. Now, this Brazilian guy dedicates his creativity to the LGBTQ community throughout The Drag Series. Click here to check out his complete portfolio.


  1. How can I become a part of it?

    Thank you for being interested! This project publishes only authorial work, meaning we photograph every single artist posted on our platform. To become a part of it, we ask you to fill out the registration form available here. After that, cross your fingers! If we have the chance to visit the city where you live in, you might be selected.

  2. I'm a cis/trans/nb woman, can I register to become a part of the project as well? 

    Absolutely! The Drag Series supports every artist that identifies as a drag queen/king/etc., no matter what their gender identity is. We won't treat anyone differently, and we won't consider your art a "sub gender" of drag. Some people may call it hyper queen, bio queen, faux queen, lady queen, trans queen, but for us, it's all just DRAG.

  3. What are the requirements?

    We currently don't have any specific requirements. It's a mix of different aspects. We value many different things, such as looks, performances, great stories, being influent in the local drag scene and being able to include even more diversity to the project. We're open to anyone. Feel free to message us if you have any questions or if you just want to tell us your story!

  4. What is an "EXTRA" post? What are the requirements for a drag artist to be portrayed more than one time in the project?

    Every now and then we photograph and publish artists that have already collaborated with us in the past. The main criteria is popularity. We do that because when we publish a photo of someone that has a large audience, it helps increasesing the overall awareness about the project - and in consequence, more views to the other local queens in our gallery. Click here to see who has been featured in our extra gallery!

  5. Is the city mentioned in each post the artist's birthplace?

    No, it isn't. This is a persistent question on our social media. The city mentioned underneath the name of the artist in each post is the city where the artist is most known for or the base of his/her career. This is a way of making it easier for the artist to be found if anyone uses our platform to search queens in any specific city.

  6. Can I shoot my own photo with a white background and send it to you to be posted?

    Unfortunately no. The project does not work that way. We photographed every photo published. All of our project is based on authorial work.

  7. Do I need to pay something to be photographed?

    No! This is a non-profit project. However, we do encourage donations to make the project keep going on.

  8. Why are there no artists from *enter random city here*? When are we going to see them on the project?

    Every day we receive a significant amount of registrations from artists coming from many different parts of the country. We are incredibly honoured by so much interest - this is something we never thought it would happen. However, The Drag Series is a non-profit project. We don't have any income that allows us to travel frequently. If you're interested in sponsoring the project to come to your city, ask your local nightclub or LGBT event planner or contact us for donations!